About the biomass energy concept

The 1 village 1 MW concept includes the following

  • identification of sources of wood waste and agricultural residues at local level (waste from felling of trees in forests, wood waste from pastures, green areas, orchards, gardens, parks, households, agricultural works, etc.),
  • collection of woody biomass, with priority given to people from vulnerable groups (social aspect),
  • cultivation of energy willow for the purpose of obtaining wood biomass, the logistics segment (chopping, storage, supply),
  • installation and commissioning of a biomass boiler heating plant and connection of users to this system (especially public buildings).
  • automation of the supply system, installation of remote control system
Technical solutions for the implementation of the "1 village 1 MW" concept

  • Individual heating systems based on wood waste/biofuel at each final consumer (private houses).
  • Small-scale biomass heating system (connecting several buildings in close proximity) e.g. in town centres etc.
For example, in the pilot community selected in the illustrated example, a capacity of about 1MW is reached in buildings such as the town hall, school, cultural centre, kindergarten, library, PSI shed, local police, post office and forestry, with a water pipeline of about 1200 meters and 1 biomass storage facility with access to it with a biomass handling (unloading) machine. Also at the biomass storage is located the power plant room, connected by a shaft to it and automatically transporting the wood chips in the combustion process.
Targeted Sustainable Development Goals

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