Green Energy Innovative Biomass Cluster

With more than 12 years of activity, the Cluster aims to facilitate cooperation between business, academia, research and government to promote the use of clean energy from renewable sources. The Cluster is committed to helping communities secure energy from local renewable sources such as biomass.

The exploitation of biomass, in addition to the energy benefits, also has environmental benefits, ensuring the maintenance of green areas while producing a significant amount of clean energy.
Biomass sources exist in every municipality, but this potential is not used. Usually, after pruning, branches, cuttings and plant debris are burnt on the spot, or transported to landfill or left abandoned on the land. Biomass, a local source of renewable energy, could be the solution for providing heat energy to communities, especially rural towns and small provincial towns.

With a considerable amount of green waste available in the locality, each has the potential to produce its own feedstock for heating and become energy self-sufficient. In conjunction with local biomass production, investments in small capacity heating systems up to 1 MW can be started.

The cluster has facilitated more than 200 such systems in almost 70 localities across the country, with a capacity of around 30 MW.
Involvement in promoting sustainable development goals

  • Organising thematic events in the framework of the European Sustainable Development Week (ESDW)
  • Organising thematic events during Sustainable Communities Days
  • Organising thematic events during the European Green Week
  • Member Circular Economy Club, London
  • Green Energy Cluster with an integrative vision, with results not only in the economic and social development area, but also in the field of climate change, has obtained recognition from the Department for Sustainable Development in 2020 at the Sustainable Development Gala.
Projects and Experience

The cluster has been awarded a Silver rating by the European Cluster Analysis Secretariat, a distinction of excellence for cluster management at European level.

The know-how of the Biomass Green Energy Cluster has been accumulated over 10 years of activity through participation in experience exchange programmes and the application of knowledge through biomass pilot projects:
  • BioVill - bioenergy-based villages, funded by the Horizon 2020 Programme
  • Biomass and Energy in the Republic of Moldova - assistance in the development of an Energy and Biomass Cluster, funded through UNDP Moldova
  • AgroBioHeat - promotion of agricultural biomass heating solutions, funded by Horizon 2020
  • SPIRE - Smart Ecosystem for Post-Industrial Regeneration, funded through UIA Innovative Action
  • Phoenix - Exchange of experience between researchers in the field of bioresources, funded by Horizon 2020
  • Biomass to Energy - Norwegian project to promote the production and use of biomass at community level
  • Cosmenerg - Cluster excellence in Central and Eastern European cluster networks in eco- and bio-energy, renewable energy and environmental technologies, funded through the COSME Programme
Other projects, in which the Cluster's achievements have been promoted
  • Bio4Eco - Sustainable regional policies in the field of bioenergy: a new approach, funded by the Interreg Europe Programme, implemented by RDA Centru
  • PromoBio - Promotion of Regional Initiatives in the field of Bioenergy, implemented by RDA Centru
  • ColorCircle - Connecting and equipping local administrations with research capacities to exploit the full potential of the circular economy, implemented by RDA Centru
Targeted Sustainable Development Goals

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